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About us

We are a store with a very tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic sense of humour and outlook on life. After spending many decades on this planet ( I won't say just how many as my HMB ego refuses to believe it!), and seeing many different parts of the world, I realized that we truly are more alike than different in many ways.

In particular, I noticed that women have more in common than they know. I also noticed that they are slighted in the same way, especially if they are not afraid to speak their mind, wear what they like or stand up for what they believe in.

If a man does it, he is a "strong", "take charge" kind of guy and in the business world he is considered an "aggressive go-getter" and a "good business man".  A woman is considered to be a what?  You got it....a "bitch". (Amazing, after all these years they still can't come up with anything else!).

Now it is time for us to take control of that word!  Turn it into a positive!

Call me a bitch, go ahead! It just means I am in control of myself and my life and won't take you-know-what from anybody. Call me a High Maintenance Bitch, it just means that I am in control, know what I want and will go out and get it- and probably look damn good doing it!

Having said that...the assumed "attitude" does not go with it (at least not until it is dragged out of us by somebody else's persistence!). We HMB's are generally a very pleasant, fun-loving bunch. Our motto is "you don't need to BE ONE, to be one".

The common thread is that we all have a little DIVA hiding somewhere inside.  A little "Princess" that needs to be pampered every once and a while! We crave a little bling, a little pizzazz and a little something different that will set us apart from the crowd.... After all, we do need to find our HMBoy!.... and don't worry boys, we haven't forgotten about you either!  Some of you HMBoys love a little pampering too, and your HMB girl will definitely not think twice about pampering you... if you're a good boy!